Turn the pants inside out. Turn your iron on to its lowest setting.

Snip away any frayed or loose threads that you may accidentally sew through or push to the front, cheap birkenstock compromising the integrity and appearance of the repair.

Pull the hole closed as much as possible, taking care to avoid puckering or wrinkling the fabric.

Cut a piece of fabric tape about 1/4 inch larger than the hole on all sides. Place the tape over the hole.

Press and hold the iron on the tape for 3 to 5 seconds, letting the tape's adhesive melt and set.

Turn the pants right side out. birkenstock molina Cut a piece of thread and thread your needle.

Tie the loose ends into a knot. Run the needle through the back of the fabric tape, pushing it though the front of the hole.

Stitch the hole shut in a zig-zag pattern, trying to keep each stitch as close together as possible, in order to minimize the appearance of the thread. For knit pants, you'll have to make a second set of stitches parallel to the first -- forming a lattice-work pattern.

Pull the stitch tight at the top, stopping inside the pant. birkenstock uk Leave a small loop in place.

Run the needle through the loop, then back down the repair about halfway. Pull the thread tight.