Mark a line on both of the 54-inch 4x4s one foot from the edge of the boards; place one 86-inch 4x4 perpendicular to the 54-inch board to create a vertical post. asics gel kayano Connect the post to the 54-inch floor board with two carriage bolts. Repeat the process with the remaining 86-inch 4x4 and 54-inch board.

Measure 6 inches from the end, opposite of where you made the connection between the 86-inch post and the floor board. Using two carriage bolts, attach one 48-inch 4x4 to the 54-inch floor board where you made the pencil mark. Repeat this process and connect the second 48-inch 4x4 to the other 54-inch board.

Place the 54-inch 4x4s flat on the floor 24 inches apart; starting from the floor, measure 1 foot from the floor vertically along the 86-inch 4x4s: make a mark with your pencil on each board. Using the drill and socket attachment, attach one 32-inch 2x4 with a lag bolt to each side to connect the two boards to create a support. asics trainers Repeat this process, starting 1 foot from the top edge of the 86-inch boards and attach the second 2x4 board in the same manner.

Place one 36-inch 4x4 over the top of the 48-inch 4x4; align it so that the end of the 36-inch 4x4 comes in direct contact with the 86-inch vertical 4x4; using four lag bolts, connect the 4x4 to the 48-inch 4x4 and the 86 vertical 4x4 to create one power tower arm. Repeat the process for the parallel construction so that you have created two dip arms parallel to one another and perpendicular to the floor.

Attach remaining 48-inch 4x4 board to the uppermost edges of the 86-inch vertical 4x4s perpendicularly: use two lag bolts on each side to connect it to create a pull up bar. At this point, the wood construction is complete; it can be painted or varnished if desired.

Attach two revolving handles to the 48-inch 4x4 perpendicularly attached to the 86-inch vertical boards using the included, screw-in ends. Make sure the handles are positioned 46 inches apart for comfortable pull up exercises. Attach two revolving handles to the ends of the 36-inch arms so the handles stick out in a vertical manner from the center of the ends of the boards.

Attach two revolving handles at the ends of the power tower arms perpendicular from the uppermost surface of each arm about two inches from the edge of each board. asics gel lyte 3 Attach the U handles to the end of each 54-inch board directly parallel to the 48-inch board about an inch from the edge of the 54-inch floor board to create push up handles.

Cut two strips out of the gymnastic closed-cell foam 2 feet long x 4 inches wide; hot glue to the surface of the dipping arms.