If there is one thing any woman knows about a black boot is that it is a dependable go-to shoe for the office, especially in the winter time. A great boot can be paired with virtually any length of skirt and add an extra flair to a work ensemble. Some boots also work with slacks. lebron shoes A simple boot with no embellishments will suffice, but if there is a little bow or some simple form of decor around the ankle or at the hem of the slacks there is no problem. The best part of wearing boots to work is you don't have to have an extremely high heel to get the effect of a shapely leg line. In fact, it is recommended that you stick to as comfortable a height of heel in the workplace. You also don't want to choose a boot with too many sparkles and buckles. Simple is key when choosing a boot that is suitable for the office but fashionable enough for you.

To successfully pull off a black high heel boot with slacks while at work, make sure you pair it with boot cut slacks. These are slacks that fit a little closer to the thigh and slightly flare at the knee. This gives the entire bottom half of the body a clean line, versus the awkward body distortion wearing boots with straight leg slacks can cause.

Another fashionable idea for wearing black high heel boots to work is to pair them with either an A-line skirt or a pencil skirt. You could also try cute high heeled black booties or slouch boots with either cut of skirt. cheap basketball shoes A high-waist skirt would be an excellent idea to pair with high heel black booties or boots, but any length or cut of skirt will work as long as you are wearing tights. But try to keep the tights as simple as possible in the work place.

Another tip to remember when wearing high heel black boots to work is to wear a long sleeved top when wearing the longer boots that come up to the calf. This will balance out the top and bottom half of the body. Also, feel free to accessorize with a scarf in the colder months. It makes the outfit more pulled together and since black is a versatile color, it gives you a chance to add another pop of color to the outfit.

Boots for Pleasure

There is nothing hotter than stepping out on the town in a thigh-high boot. When you're done with your nine-to-five and are ready to have some fun, a black high heel boot is just as dependable as that black pump you have grown to love. Even if the thigh-high is not your thing, a flashy boot with all the bells and whistles works just as well. Black boots allow you to get very creative and show your personality with different styles, cuts, shapes and lengths. Wearing a black boot out on the town gives you a lot more options than wearing boots to work. Not only can you get more options for the actual boot you choose to wear, but you can also pair the boots with jeans, skirts and shorts.

A great and comfortable fashion idea for longer high heeled boots, the calf or thigh length boots, is to pair them with skinny jeans. Zipping the boots up over the pants leg elongates the leg and gives it a more shapely form. You can also slide leg warmers over the boots for an additional pop of color or for a more accessorized look.

When wearing shorter high heeled boots and booties, kd shoes pair them with funky and fashionable tights under skirts. Fish nets are typical, but there are also printed and solid tights that would add an extra flare to the black of the boot and whatever color your top is. Also wearing stirrup tights or leggings with booties is kind of a cute, '80s retro look, but be careful with the kind of bootie you choose. If you are going for this look, typically a bootie that is a little lower than the ankle is ideal.